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Medical investigation, evaluation and assessment of your child

With our comprehensive Pediatric Medical Care, we aim at providing a full and thorough evaluation and assessment of your child to make sure there are no underlying conditions affecting their overall health and well being. Full clinical examination and evaluation of your child by Senior Pediatric Consultant. we then recommend the needed investigations accordingly to be able to provide the necessary medical care. If your child is found to have a special problem, we refer you to a specialist to treat his/her condition first.

Customized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

Individualized customized nutrition plans to fit your lifestyle as well as your child's. Counseling for you and your child to help you adapt and accommodate to new health-diets. Working on your child's eating behavior and attitude; preferences and aversions.

Bespoke Physical Training Facility (Kids-Gym)

If your child hasn't been active in the past, start slowly familarizing them with what a modern-day gym looks like. Intense physical activity and competitive sports may be intimidating and even dangerous for an obese child who is not physically fit. But just 20 minutes of daily exercise at KIDZYM can get things moving in the right direction for a child who has been previously sedentary.

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Our Mission:

At Kidzym, our mission is to put your child's health above all and help you as well as your child understand how our bodies as humans work and benefit the most from proper nutrition.


Our Vision:

To be the professional, understanding and supportive nutrition partner for you, your child and the whole family.

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